Douglas Murray’s The strange death of Europe is a must read

Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe is an incisive critique of mass-migration and its consequences on the European continent. It doesn’t follow that because some migration can be good for our European society, more of it is proportionally good. On the contrary, the uncontrolled influx of migrants is changing Europe into something else. There is […]

The burden of modern society

In Civilization and its social Discontents Freud proclaims that the sexual repression of society causes nervous illness: “Anyone qualified to investigate the conditioning factors of nervous illness will soon be convinced that the increase of nervous disorders in our society is due to the greater restrictions placed on sexual activity.”(p. 96). I am aware that […]

The will to suffer

The question, ”Is life possible to live without suffering?” is, to me, an equivalent to, ”is life possible to live without a will?” Those who have read Schopenhauer or Nietzsche will probably understand this, reading these few lines. Those who haven’t will probably need a further introduction: In The world as will and representation, Schopenhauer outlines the […]

Thoughts on Brexit: Britain is probably better off without the EU

I think it was a huge surprise for many of us when Britain voted out of the EU, Thursday the 23rd of June, 2016. Now, in the aftermath of it, it seems there is an itchy panic of what is going to happen with Britain in the future. This, especially, involves the younger generations, amongst […]

Sleepwalking toward Armageddon: Islam is not a religion of peace

Several political leaders around the world have said that Islam has nothing to do with Islamism. But how can this be so, when those who believe it literarily, are the most extreme ones? If Islam was a religion of peace, wouldn’t it make a Gandhi of the strongest believer? Several political leaders around the world […]

In the wake of numerous terrorist attacks: The future of Europe

In the wake of numerous terrorist attacks that have taken place recently: We are now experiencing a cultural clash between the Western world and the Islamic world. Thanks to globalization and open borders, terrorist groups have been allowed to plan their vendettas. What we have seen now, is only the beginning. There will be more […]

Still sleepwalking towards armageddon

If Islamists were allowed to do as they wanted, they would force Islam upon everybody, killing those refusing to live under their islamic rule. Islamic terrorists have to be addressed for what they are: religious criminals with an evil agenda. Let’s get our heads straight and stop the political correctness: Saying Islam has nothing to […]