Still sleepwalking towards armageddon

If Islamists were allowed to do as they wanted, they would force Islam upon everybody, killing those refusing to live under their islamic rule. Islamic terrorists have to be addressed for what they are: religious criminals with an evil agenda. Let’s get our heads straight and stop the political correctness: Saying Islam has nothing to do with Islamism or terrorism, is not true. Surely Islamism has to do with Islam.

If not those final words “Allahu Akhbar” convince you, what evidence do you want? When people do good things in the name of religion, people have no problem saying, “their religion makes them do good things”, but when extremist muslims execute journalists, blow themselves up, or rampage Charlie Hebdo for publishing “offensive” pictures of their prophet, it has “nothing to do with Islam”.

Where is the logic in this? How are we going to foster a reform that will prevent Islamic fundamentalism in the future, if we dare not criticise Islam overall?

A podcast on this fromSam Harris (link below)

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